July 3, 2020 Claire Dickinson


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“that all employers carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment”

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

As you are well aware, the UK Government is gradually releasing UK businesses from the Coronavirus lockdown. To underpin this, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has produced a set of 8 related guidance documents entitled ‘Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)’.

This has made it a requirement that before returning to work “all employers carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment”. Furthermore, businesses with 50 or more personnel may be required to publish a copy of their completed COVID-19 Risk Assessment on their company website.

With this in mind, we have been in contact with specialist UK Risk Assessment platform provider – Risk Warden Ltd. They have many years’ experience at the forefront of providing on-line, Cloud based Risk Assessment solutions which support the major business risk types including Fire, Asbestos and Legionella for professional Risk Assessors. Risk Warden has been extremely proactive on the subject of Covid-19 and have launched a unique ‘on-line COVID-19 Self-Assessment solution’. This is specifically aimed at supporting UK businesses seeking to return to work.

The Risk Warden solution incorporates 8 templated risk assessment types which encapsulate each of the specific business types set out in the UK Government’s latest published guidance. For an annual investment of £49.95, we feel that this offers those wishing to self-assess a comprehensive and sustainable solution to support COVID-19 compliance needs.

PMCD customers who sign-up to use Risk Warden for COVID-19 Risk Compliance will benefit from their FREE Secure Cloud Evidence Storage & Notification Service, a saving of £29.95 per year. This provides the ability to store auditable evidence of your risk mitigation actions, and notifies you of changes in the evolving Government guidance and legislation. This is likely to prove beneficial, as the prevailing COVID-19 Threat Level fluctuates as a result of the ongoing relaxation of lockdown measures.

We recommend that you read more about the Risk Warden COVID-19 Self-Assessment Solution and how it could benefit you and your organisation in getting back-to-work safely and remaining compliant. If you wish to subscribe now to Risk Warden, then simply click on the button below which will automatically register you for the free evidence storage and notification service.

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