Philip Marsh Collins Deung Ltd (trading as Philip Marsh Collins Deung, PMCD or PMCD Retail) collects data on you or your company as part of our normal course of business as property agents, managers and advisors. This may be because you have asked to be kept informed of the availability of certain properties or types of property or have enquired about, or have become, a client, or because you are a tenant in one of the many properties we manage or for some other pertinent reason. This data may have been provided by you or have been extracted from the public realm as part of a legitimate credit-checking exercise or similar. This data is usually stored within a CRM system relating to our marketing or managing properties or could be within a physical file. Typically, this data will include your business address, contact information or, if you do not yet possess a business address, then your personal address, phone number and email address, although increasingly just the name, number and email are stored. If you are a tenant in one of the properties we manage then details of the lease or agreement under which your business occupies the premises will also be included. Data may include correspondence between you and us or between your agents, legal advisors, perhaps during the course of a property transaction, or during credit or Anti Money Laundering checks.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office ( Your privacy is of importance to us. We have never shared personal data with third parties and this policy will continue, except when we are required by law to do so. We use data for the normal purposes of managing property, marketing property and valuing property. Digital data is protected by password and in the case of physical files, is protected by physical security except when in use. Data is retained by us for as long as the purpose for which it was collected remains legitimate and justifiable and thereafter it is destroyed. You are entitled to ask us for a copy of your data, to have it sent to others, to have it destroyed or updated and we will, as far as the law allows and as far as our holding of it does not contradict your ‘right to be forgotten’ or other rights under the regulations, comply.